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In the highly globalised world of today, older admissions methods for EMBA programs are getting increasingly inadequate at ensuring a high-quality, high-diversity admissions.

Standardised tests are cumbersome to prepare for, highly favor English-speaking candidates, and do not accurately reflect a candidate’s true skill set.

The Business Admissions Test™ is here to solve those problems.

  1. Fast result, fast admissions: Sign-up for an account, create a group of candidates, and start analysing immediately. Reports are generated as soon as the analysis is done.
  2. Accurate reports: Analyse the candidate’s performance and leadership quality, compare it with other candidates and the group’s median.
  3. Online proctored tests: With secured connection protocol and encrypted database, your organisation’s data is secured and can be accessed from any locations across the globe.

“...[The Personalyse team] brought a deep understanding of standardized testing for the graduate business education market to the table and we were impressed with their professionalism as well as the quality of results we have achieved.”

Peter Zemsky – Acting INSEAD Dean 2012, Dean of Faculty

“Our conclusion is that the INSEAD Test provides as much information as the GMAT while giving us much greater flexibility in our admissions procedures.”

Kristen Lynas – INSEAD EMBA Program Director

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