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Business Admissions Test™ Official Guide

E-book (PDF)

This 150-page e-book allows for review of basic quantitative and verbal concepts, introduction to common problem types, and practice with official Business Admissions Test™ questions.

Guía Oficial Para la Prueba de Admisión Empresarial

E-book (PDF)

Estudie los conceptos verbales y cuantitativos básicos, conozca los tipos usuales de problemas y practique con las preguntas o ciales de la Prueba de Admisión Empresarial.

INSEAD EMBA Admissions Test Creator's Guide

E-book (PDF)

Special Edition for INSEAD candidates

This 150-page e-book is a comprehensive review of basic quantitative and verbal concepts tested in the INSEAD EMBA Admissions Test. It also introduces common problem types, and official question formats from the test, including the case studies. True to its name, the Creator’s Guide is created by Business Test Methods™ - the team behind the INSEAD EMBA Admissions Test. The creator’s guide also comes with a complementary account for 2 practice tests that you can do online, at your own convenience.

官方指南 商学院入学考试
这本150页的电子书(e-book) 所包含的内容包括评论基础量化和语言概念,介绍常见问题类型,并使用正式官方的商业学院入学测试™(Business Admissions Test™)的练习问题进行实践.

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